Warm welcome on my silver shaded british shorthair of India's Hut*PL cattery page. Why: OF INDIA'S HUT*PL? The cattery name was choosen in honour of our first and dreamed silver girl - India. It's all because of her, and thanks to her...


VII 2016

We have available kittens! More info will soon be on kittens page... but now - just one pic :)

VIII 2015

Our kittens from D litter are ready to move to their new home. If You are interested feel free to contact us about them. More pics on kittens page...

IV 2015

We have 3 new babies from litter D out of ArchiLady of India's Hut*PL and IC Viva Vogue X-Men.
More infos on kittens page

XI 2014

New kittens - Litter C!!!
We have sweet male available out of IC Viva Vogue X-Men*RU and ArchiLady of India’s Hut*PL. More on kittens page

VII 2014

Litter B!
Daughter of IC Viva Vogue X-Men*RU and GIC India Mazuria*PL, Bashka of India's Hut*PL has moved to her new home. We present below some pictures of her at our home. More at B litter gallery page

II 2014

Legionowo Cat Show
Viva Vogue X-Men*RU - Saturday: Ex 1, CACIB; Sunday: Ex 1, CACIB, BIV
ArchiLady of India’s Hut*PL - 2x Ex 1, CAC.

Our babygirl had oportunity to participate in photosession by Sepis Project.
You can see some results below. More at her gallery

I 2014

Kosice Cat Show, Slovakia
Great success of our boy - Viva Vogue X-Men*RU! BEST OPPOSITE SEX! We are so happy!

XII 2013

Warsaw Cat Show.
India Mazuria*PL - CACS
Viva Vogue X-Men - CAC

VIII 2013

of India's Hut*PL online!
We hope You like the website as we do and You are welcome to come back later!

IV 2013

With great joy we want to share with You fantastic news - first litter was born!
India is very devoted to her twins :)

X 2012

Bialystok Cat Show
Our sweet India Mazuria*PL got another CACS certificates. We are so happy!

V 2012

Lodz Cat Show
Our girl India Mazuria*PL got her last CAGCIB certificates and now became Grand International Champion. We are soooo proud of her results!

Silver Shaded British Shorthair cattery
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